Kose Cosmeport clear turn babyish sheetmask

Hey lovelies, today I want to introduce you to japanese sheetmasks. Kose is ranked as most popular brand for sheetmask in Japan for 9 years! I decided to pick their babyish line because they are made for someone in their 20s. There is 3 different type of babyish mask pink for extra moisture, blue for whitening(brightening) and yellow for plumping which I chose. 

Kose promises to make your skin plump and soft like baby’s skin, hence the name. They all contain virgin coconut oil, argan oil, baobaob oil and hyaluronic acid and the yellow mask I picked also have double collagen, honey and amino acids(serine). Amino acids are great for anti aging because they are thought to help in collagen production and make skin more elastic. Their masks are also free of fragrance, mineral oil, silicone and color. 

I got mine from ebay for $7,98 and it does contain 7 sheetmasks, so for me thats pretty cheap. So what did I think about it. I really liked it! They did what they promised, after a week using only these sheetmasks my skin felt soft and plump. These masks do have some sort of chemical scent to them and for me the mask itself was kinda small, but I  have a huge face haha. I will definately want to try the pink and blue one next.

– Lara


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