Innisfree apple juicy cleansing oil review

Hey Beautiful People!

Sorry its been awhile but I have been so busy lately that I havent had time to sit down and blog, but today I have a new review for you. After using Banila co’s clean it zero purity I needed to get new oil cleanser and ki was going through my sample stash when I found a sample of this innisfree apple juicy cleansing oil. First thought was that it smells amazing, like green apple candy! I also liked how easily it took my make up off, just a disclaimer I never use waterproof makeup and I only use makeup I can remove with oil cleanser. 
If you havent used oil cleanser before this is how you should use it. 

  1. Massage oil cleanser on to your dry skin with dry hands
  2. After you see your make up coming off wet your hand with warm water and and massage your face again, now you can see your oil cleanser starting to turn emulsifying
  3. When your sure no make up is left on your face rinse your face with water

This is to show how easily this cleanser will remove Banila co’s eye line and Etude House’s lipstick. 

So how much is it? Its around $15 for 150ml and it will last a long time since you only need 2pumps to clean your face. I will definately repurchase this cleanser at some point, but now Im using Mizon’s giant (400ml) oil cleanser which I really dont like… Anyways ! hope you are all having a great weekend and Halloween! I will definately spend my weekend watching Addams Family tv series and Bewitched! 


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