Neogen Vita Lightening Serum 

I have bad habit to want products that no one else is talking about. My greatest past time is trying to find products online that are very… very hard to find. Neogen vita lightening serum is one of them.I finally found this serum from ebay and the seller also had the toner from  this line so I decided to get it too, since Im always trying to find products that brighten my skin tone. Well..I got my serum then the next day I got another notification from the post office that my box have arrived and inside that box was another serum! So 2 serums and no toner..I of course contacted the seller but they werent helpful so I let it go and decided to give the extra serum for my sister as a birthday present.

Anyways back to the review. I really love the packaging its quite unique and retro in white and orange comes in 85ml bottle and its usually around $20-$30. And this is what they say in their website.

“A Multi-Vita Serum provides the instant revitalizing energy to tired and dull skin. Certified to have skin whitening function by brightening the skin tone. ”  

 First things first it smells like oranges! It have  quite thick but runny texture and it feels tacky first but after you pat it in the tacky feeling goes away. I have used pretty good amount of the product and I have noticed some brightening effect on my skin, I especially like to use this serum under my sheetmask.  I dont have the box anymore but the Neogen website have listed the ingredients as vitamin c derivatives, mulberry extract and soybean extract. Vitamin c and mulberry are great for brightening skin and soy bean is great for anti-aging. 
So would I repurchase it? No, because I want to try other brightening products. 

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