Month: September 2016

Hera UV mist cushion ultra moisture

Hera’s uv mist cushion ultra moisture was my very first cushion foundation. I decided to get it because it promised to seal in the moisture so your skin wont get flaky or dry. Hera also promised that this cushion will brighten your tone. Its SPF34 / PA++, but you should always use proper sunlotion under your make up.

First lets look at the packaging, its gorgeous lilac and hologramic. Its very luxurious. When you open it you see the mirror and the puff which you can use to apply the foundation. Under he puff is the cushion itself, my cushion is almost empty thats why it looks dry. 

This comes in 3 different shades, and I have the middle one 21 cool vanilla. This cushion have lovely kinda fresh floral scent to it,which lingers quite a long time so if you are sensitive to scents you should keep that in mind. I personally love the scent. 

Coverage of this cushion is pretty light, but you can build it up to medium if you need to. Its semi dewy finish, and I usually use some powder to set it up, but I dont think its necessery. I really like the beautiful dewy finish this cushion have and I have bought several refills before. It comes in a package with a refill and its usually around $40.


Holy Grails for sensitive and dry skin 

First of yay for finding time to write my first post. I have been planning this post for a few weeks, wondering where I should start. So I decided that I should talk about my favorite products and why they are so important to my routine. Say Hello to my two holy grails from Hadalabo Gokujyun premium lotion & hyaluronic acid foam cleanser! 

I have atopic skin which means my skin doesn’t hold moisture inside my skin aswell as normal skin. These two products both have hyaluronic acid in them which means its great for maintaining moisture and because of that it makes skin moisturised and plumper which itself is great for anti aging. Because one of the reason we get wrinkles is because when we get older our skin wont maintain moisture that well. So its important to always moisturise. Anyways enough ranting haha.

Hadalabo hyaluronic acid foam cleanser 

This cleanser comes in a white 160ml bottle and its sold for $16 in ebay. I have tried different foam cleansers and this is only one that doesn’t make my skin feel dry afterwards. The foam is super silky and soft and it does great job at cleansing. I love that it doesn’t have any scent, which some might think is boring but for us with sensitive skin or sensitivity to scent that is great news. I think my first bottle lasted me in twice a day use for 2-3 months! So its pretty long lasting. I will definately keep repurchasing this. 
Hadalabo Gokujyun premium lotion

The lotion comes in a gold (fancy) 170ml bottle and its sold in ebay for $15. Its very think gel like concistency and only one dropped is enough for my face and neck! I love to use it after toner to help restore all the moisure in. I love how it makes my skin plump and hydrated. It does have slightly chemical scent but it have never bothersome me. I have been using it from May and Im only gone through half the bottle. I will definately buy the refill before I run out. Yes they even sell refills so you dont have to buy new bottle if you dont want. 

Hope you enjoyed my first post and please leave me a comment if you have questions. 

–  Lara